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I'm running for High Point City Council to build a better community for us all.

Make war on poverty

If we truly want to address drug crime, unemployment, and the racial divide, we have to attack these problems at the root and make systemic changes to the way we handle poverty in our community. Through after-school programs, mentorships and apprenticeships for our teenagers and continuing education and jobs training programs for our adults, we can give our population the tools needed to be productive members of society. Likewise, by raising the minimum wage to a living wage we can lift people up, address the systemic causes of poverty, and reduce the racial divide, including segregation caused by economic disparity.

Protect our environment

The science is clear: man-made climate change is real and happening more rapidly than we ever thought it would. As our world changes, we must take steps to conserve our natural resources and mitigate its effects. As a city, we can take major steps to ensure that our citizens have access to clean water, that we reduce air pollution by encouraging public transit, and removing barriers to the installation and use of solar panels throughout High Point.

Improve our quality of life

High Point’s core area must become an economic powerhouse to repay the bonds used to develop that area and fund increased services throughout High Point, without increasing taxes. By encouraging this development, we can foster the establishment of certain amenities we lack and keep our younger residents from traveling elsewhere for food, entertainment, etc. Entertainment districts and parks combined with well thought out transportation plans, affordable housing, and living wage jobs are key ingredients in the mix needed to attract and retain younger residents.

Chip in to support Fox

I can’t take on big money interests without small dollar, grassroots support. A few dollars today can help our campaign to buy yardsigns, print literature, travel to candidate events, and build our movement.

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